The earliest and most powerful cyberspace detection technology in China

ZoomEye Cyberspace Radar (Network Asset Census and Risk Awareness)

  • Able to detect global resources
  • Full coverage of global 4.2 billion IPV4 address space
  • Accurately identifying 40,000+ fingerprints of common components
  • Traversing the IPV4 address space for 7-10 days
  • Accurate detection within 24hrs
  • Covering all the Internet systems like routers, cameras, IoT, industry control etc.


Product Advantages

Rich fingerprint library
  • Covering multiple devices, operating systems, databases and Web applications, providing multi-dimensional asset data.
Original POC engine
  • Quick response to vulnerability detection. The unique engine supports rapid integration of detection programs and responds to 1 DAY vulnerability detection. The Seebug Forum, which has unique vulnerability collection and new POC collection functions, gathers hacker wisdom and is a centralized platform for vulnerability updates.
Dual mode detection
  • The speed and precision modes are optional to meet the needs of different scene detection. The precision mode meets the requirements for accuracy and fine-grained data, and provides a detailed data list. Extreme speed mode meets the ultra-high requirements for time, extreme speed detection and fast positioning.