How to discover the potential security threat effectively? Knownsec provides the solution!

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Mission - Safeguard customers' IT environment, reputation, private data and business from cyber attacks


Guided by the concept of continuous and multi-dimensional security monitoring of large-scale websites, it is independently developed and focused on large-scale centralized monitoring of websites. WebSOC can carry out large-scale website availability, vulnerability detection, and security incident monitoring, and realize full-scale three-dimensional real-time status monitoring of large-scale websites.


The earliest and most powerful cyberspace detection technology in China

Brand Protection

In order to deal with security threats such as data leakage in the Internet, Knownsec combines its own technical capabilities to build a comprehensive brand protection program to provide customized services with effective security advice and generate detailed reports, helping customers to quickly respond to security threats in a proactive manner.


Knownsec Dark Web Monitoring System(DarkEye) is an intelligence monitoring system for dark network security threats, which is guided by threat intelligence lead mining, and provides the discovery, identification, classification, collection and monitoring of dark web services by constructing distributed dark network service discovery, content collection, vulnerability detection and evidence preservation, with the aim of providing efficient intelligence services for business personnel.

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