WebSOC website three-dimensional monitoring system

Provide fast, accurate and all-rounded real-time security monitoring for large-scale websites

WebSOC 5.0 solution

  • 6000+ vulnerability database combined with dynamic static website data mining technology to achieve a comprehensive website risk assessment.
  • Combined with cloud monitoring to achieve availability and performance analysis of all coverage areas.
  • Timely discover security incidents such as website hacking, tampering, Trojan horse, and hidden links, accurately report to the police, and provide remediate suggestions.
  • Professional pornographic and violent image recognition technology, identify website image changes.
  • Sensitive information leakage detection to prevent the leakage of important information related to databases, personal information and website systems.
  • Comply with IPv6 application trends and support dual network protocol monitoring.

Product Advantages

Fast real-time
  • High speed scanning engine, real-time status monitoring
Accurate and effective
  • Based on the 6000 plus vulnerabilities, POC verification is guaranteed to be valid
High quality and efficient
  • Focus on web vulnerability discovery and efficiently detect high-quality vulnerabilities
  • Intelligent authentication method selection, to achieve automatic and efficient work
Timely visible
  • Data association analysis, website security situation is visible in a timely manner