Knownsec Dark Web Monitoring System(DarkEye) is an intelligence monitoring system for dark network security threats, which is guided by threat intelligence lead mining, and provides the discovery, identification, classification, collection and monitoring of dark web services by constructing distributed dark network service discovery, content collection, vulnerability detection and evidence preservation, with the aim of providing efficient intelligence services for business personnel.

Product Advantages

Different dark web types are fully covered
  • Dark web radar covers the three most common dark web encryption networks, including Tor, I2P, ZeroNet, and covers more than 90% of the entire dark web network.
Full monitoring of dark web intelligence
  • The scope of intelligence monitoring includes web pages/image content, screenshots of web pages, fingerprint, and sensitivity information (Bitcoin address, email, server IP leak, GEO coordinate location, etc.)
Dark network nodes are fully monitored
  • Dark web radar can monitor the global dark network nodes in real time, including the number of nodes and regional distribution, and the node host name, IP address, geographic coordinates, ports, survival time etc.