Brand Protection

In order to deal with security threats such as data leakage in the Internet, Knownsec combines its own technical capabilities to build a comprehensive brand protection program to provide customized services with effective security advice and generate detailed reports, helping customers to quickly respond to security threats in a proactive manner.

Phishing Website Alert

  • Monitor the construction and dissemination of information on related phishing websites that are being used around the world to alert you.

Social Account Phishing Alert

  • Monitoring and alerting the relevant fake account phishing information that occurs in common social platform.

Dark Web Intelligence Alert

  • Monitoring dark web channels for relevant data leakage and public opinion information.

Security Alliance

The Security Alliance is an NGO launched by Knownsec, Tencent and other Internet enterprises in 2012. It aims at sharing resources among excellent enterprises and setting up Internet security standards recognized by the industry, uniting organizations and netizens to create an effective cyber security socialization system and optimizing the Internet environment in China. It is praised as “The Internet Justice Alliance in China” by the CCTV documentary .

  • Nearly 1 billion malicious URLs
  • 30 million active malicious URLs per month
  • 120+ data collaborators
  • 5,000 daily reports from netizens
  • 45 million times of data transmission daily
  • 3 billion daily interception warning daily